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WOODWORKING: Flexcut Palm Tools in Sets

For prices, please see the Knife and Scorp page.

KN500 3-Knife Starter Set
We’ve packaged some of our most popular knives in one, 3-Knife Starter Set. These knives are made with the same edge-holding steel as our gouges and chisels. The comfortable curved ergonomic handle allows for long periods of carving without hand fatigue.

KN400 Slim-Handle Detail Knife Set
For younger carvers or crafts people, our slim handle 3-piece detail knife set is the perfect fit. These knives have the same high quality as other Flexcut carving tools, but their slender handles are better suited for smaller hands.

KN300 Whittler's Kit
Whether you whittle professionally or just for fun, Flexcut's whittling knives will give you better results. The razor sharp edge provides greater control over each cut and the ergonomic handle lets you carve longer without hand fatigue.

KN100 Knife Set with Tool Roll

Each carving knife is constructed with an Ash handle and a high carbon steel blade. The high carbon blade holds an edge extremely well and is easily maintained by simple stropping. They are honed, polished and ready to go.
Each set includes: KN12 cutting knife, KN13 detail knife, KN18 pelican knife, KN19 mini-pelican knife and tool roll.