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WOODWORKING: Flexcut Introduction,
Carving Jacks & Accessories

An expansive selection of innovatively-designed carving tools make up the Flexcut line. All of these tools feature spring steel blades which are die-formed, hardened, ground, and honed. The process creates finely-shaped edges, and the resulting gouge blades have a bit of flex in the shank, making them generally comfortable to work with, and allowing versatile control for delicate or hard-to-reach cuts. Flexcut handles are shaped to fit the hand at work, and yet allow right- or left-handed use of any tool. Each tool is factory sharpened to a keen edge, ready to use right out of the package.
The items we stock are listed on these pages. Carving Jacks and accessories below, or go to Palm Tools, Palm Tool Sets, Knives & Scorps, Knife Sets or Draw Knives. Any other Flexcut products can be special-ordered, generally will ship within a week or two. Free Flexcut Catalog available, just ask.
6- Blade Carvin' Jack is a folding multi-tool designed specifically for woodworking. It includes detail knife blade, chisel, hook knife, gouge scorp, straight gouge, and V-scorp. . At 3.5 ounces and a closed length of 4¼ inches, it carries well in a pocket or sheath. Has six locking edge tools. Comes with Flexcut® Slipstrop™ and Flexcut® Gold™ Polishing Compound.
4-Blade Pocket Jack for Carvin'
This Flexcut Jack-Knife is a smaller version of our original Carvin’ Jack, the first folding multi-tool designed specifically for the needs of woodworking. At 3 ounces and a closed length of 4-1/4", it includes a Detail Knife, Straight Gouge, Scorp and V- Scorp.
The Flexcut SlipStrop™ is a simple way to maintain a razor edge. Choose a molded surface that matches the tool profile, coat the strop with polishing compound, and stroke the tool along the length of the molding. Each SlipStrop includes a mini-bar of Flexcut Gold polishing compound and detailed instructions.
Abrasive Flexcut Gold™ Polishing Compound applies like a crayon. The blend of aluminum and titanium oxides is balanced for aggressive removal of hardened tool steel and high-color polish.

Tool Roll stores four tools (not included).

FR107 Relief Carving In A Different Light DVD
This 90-minute DVD by master carver David Bennett reveals his secrets to successful relief carving. With step-by-step instructions, David leads you through an actual carving project, showing his techniques and the visual concepts that make them work.


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