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BASKETRY: Strand Cane

Cane is cut in many sizes from the inner bark of the same rattan plant whose core yields basket reed. One side is curved and shiny, the other is flat and matte. It is sold loose, in strands, or pre-woven into sheets or webbing. Weaving cane and binder cane are both loose lengths (called strand cane); the binder cane is just cut wider. Though probably more often used for weaving seats and panels, strand cane has many basketry applicationsórim lashing and Nantucket baskets, for instance.

If the opening you want to cane has evenly spaced holes around the rim, you will need to use strand cane. It takes (very approximately) 250 feet to work an average seat or back. See the chart below to determine what size weaving cane you need.The third column refers to the distance between the holes around the rim of the piece you are re-weaving, the fourth to the diameter of these same holes.
  cane width hole-to-hole hole size
Super-Fine 1.75 mm 3/8" 1/8"
Fine-Fine 2.25 mm 1/2" 3/16"
Fine 2.50 mm 5/8" 3/16"
Medium 3.00 mm 3/4" 1/4"
Common 3.50 mm 7/8" 5/16"

There are 270 feet per coil. Price and coil weight vary with width, a length of binder cane is included Mix with reed and binder cane in coils for "6+ asst" prices
There are 250 feet per coil. Price and coil weight vary with width. Mix with reed and weaving cane in coils for "6+" prices.
Use to hold strand cane snugly in place while weaving ó essential for taut work.
Snake the needle through the strands, thread the eye and pull the needle back across the frame. Overall length is 21"; eye size is 3/32" by 3/16".

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Item code unit $
6+ asst, $
qty est ship wt ea
Chair Wvg Cane Super-Fine 270 ft w binder baCK09 small 11.82 11.52 0.3
Chair Wvg Cane Fine-Fine, 270 ft w binder baCK10 small 13.22 12.89 0.3
Chair Wvg Cane Fine, 270 ft w binder baCK11 small 14.46 14.10 0.3
Chair Wvg Cane Medium, 270 ft w binder baCK13 small 17.98 17.53 0.3
Chair Wvg Cane Common, 270 ft w binder baCK14 small 21.20 20.67 0.3
Binder Cane #4 (4 to 4.5 mm) 250 ft baBCx4 1/2lb 18.66 18.19 0.8
Binder Cane #5 (5 to 5.5 mm) 250 ft baBCx5 1/2lb 25.78 25.14 0.8
Binder Cane #6 (6 to 6.5 mm) 250 ft baBCx6 1/2lb 29.34 28.61 0.9
Caning Needle ts0407 ea 20.64 20.12 0.4
Caning Pegs baCPEG ea 0.65 0.60 0.0
(Updated June 17, 2023)

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