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BASKETRY: Danish Oil Finish

These stains must travel by UPS, the Post Office will not accept them because they are aerosols. This makes them expensive to ship, especially if you live in an area that UPS considers to be remote. A single can will cost more than $20 to send (several cans just a few dollars more). Please let us know in the notes that you accept this charge. They cannot be sent outside of the Continental U.S.A.

WEAVER'S STAIN is a tung oil enriched stain with a urethane resin that penetrates, seals and finishes reed, cane and wood baskets, providing excellent resistance to water, abrasion and dirt.Will not chip or peel away. Add to the lifetime of your basket and add a beautiful luster and sheen at the same time. Packaged in an aerosol spray can, it stains and seals in one step. Fast and easy, no brushes to clean. Five colors available (including clear). Net weight per can is 11 ounces (32 grams).


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Item code unit $
6+ asst, $
qty est ship wt ea
Basket Weavers Stain- Black Walnut baSTBW can 15.00 14.60 1.5
Basket Weavers Stain- Driftwood baSTDR can 15.00 14.60 1.5
Basket Weavers Stain- Maple baSTMA can 15.00 14.60 1.5
Basket Weavers Stain- Natural baSTNT can 15.00 14.60 1.5
Basket Weavers Stain- Oak baSToK can 15.00 14.60 1.5
Basket Weavers Stain- Walnut Brown baSTWA can 15.00 14.60 1.5
(Updated October 14, 2022)

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