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YARNS: Natural Cottons & Rayons

These yarns can also, of course, be used as weft yarns, or knitting yarns—but they are made strong enough and tightly enough twisted to work for warp. HOME SPUN MATT COTTON—A slightly textured yarn, matt finish. Available dyed, as Dragon Tale Yarns.
8/4 CARPET WARP—Very strong, firmly twisted, four-ply cotton. Matt finish.
The same yarn that is dyed to create our Dragon Tale line, they take Procion Dye extraordinarily well.

NOTE: These yarns are undyed, the cottons are off-white, the rayons are a starker white color. They come on (roughly) one pound cones. Order by full cones only. If cone weights vary you will be charged for the actual weight of yarn shipped. Tell us if total weight or cone count is what matters most.

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Item code put-up $
6+ asst, $
qty est ship wt ea
Matt Cotton 4/2 1600 yd/lb yaC123 lb 18.00 17.40 1.4
Matt Cotton 8/2 3200 yd/lb yaC105 lb 18.00 17.40 1.4
Matt Cotton 8/4 Carpet Warp 1600 yd/lb yaC121 lb 18.00 17.40 1.4
Rayon Slub Yarn, Natural 1680 yd/ lb yaRUS1 lb 16.25 15.75 1.4
Rayon 8/2, Natural, 3200 yd/ lb yaRU82 lb 16.25 15.75 1.4
(Updated February 8, 2023)

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