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WEAVING: Stainless Steel Reeds

Weaving Reeds clamp into the beater of your loom. They keep warp threads correctly spaced and pack the weft threads into place.
We stock stainless steel reeds. These come 5" tall (outside dimensions), except the 19-inch-long Wolf Pup reeds are only 4½" tall. Lengths listed below are outside. Their teeth are locked into top and bottom metal channels with permanent epoxy. The metal channels are covered with non-marring extruded plastic. These are industrial-grade, lifetime reeds.
Both kinds come 6, 8, 10, 12 or 15 dents per inch (2.4, 3, 4, 4.75, 6 per cm). All have steel end-bars on their short ends. They fit most looms
We can special-order reeds in many other lengths, heights and dents. Call for a quote. We can supply reeds from any of our loom-makers: Cranbrook, Leclerc, Louet, Schacht, Toika. Please ask for pricing for available sizes. Standard shipping charges apply to all special order reeds (even if they travel as back orders), and they will take longer to get. "SS" is stainless steel, in the list below.

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Item code $
qty est ship wt ea
(Disc)Loom Reed SS-48 in./5 dent, 5.0 H ws4805 155.76 7.0
(Disc)Loom Reed SS-54 in./8 dent, 5.0 H ws5408 229.00 9.0
Loom Reed 4.5 H, SS-19 in./10 dent (Pup) wt1910 79.00 2.8
Loom Reed 4.5 H, SS-19 in./12 dent (Pup) wt1912 79.00 2.9
Loom Reed 4.5 H, SS-19 in./6dent (Pup) wt1906 79.00 2.6
Loom Reed 4.5 H, SS-19 in./8 dent (Pup) wt1908 79.00 2.7
Loom Reed SS-24 in./10 dent, 5.00H ws2410 102.00 4.0
Loom Reed SS-24 in./12 dent, 5.00H ws2412 102.00 4.0
Loom Reed SS-24 in./15 dent, 5.0 H ws2415 106.00 4.0
Loom Reed SS-24 in./6 dent, 5.00H ws2406 102.00 3.0
Loom Reed SS-24 in./8 dent, 5.00H ws2408 102.00 4.0
Loom Reed SS-27 in./10 dent, 5.0 H ws2710 115.00 5.0
Loom Reed SS-27 in./15 dent, 5.0 H ws2715 120.00 6.0
Loom Reed SS-27 in./6 dent, 5.0 H ws2706 115.00 4.0
Loom Reed SS-27 in./8 dent, 5.0 H ws2708 115.00 5.0
Loom Reed SS-32 in./10 dent, 5.0 H ws3210 136.00 6.0
Loom Reed SS-32 in./12 dent, 4.75H wL3212 143.00 6.0
Loom Reed SS-32 in./15 dent, 5.0 H ws3215 142.00 6.0
Loom Reed SS-32 in./6 dent, 5.0 H ws3206 136.00 5.0
Loom Reed SS-32 in./8 dent, 5.0 H ws3208 136.00 5.0
Loom Reed SS-36 in./10 dent, 5.0 H ws3610 153.00 6.0
Loom Reed SS-36 in./12 dent, 4.75H wL3612 160.00 6.0
Loom Reed SS-36 in./15 dent, 5.0 H ws3615 160.00 6.0
Loom Reed SS-36 in./6 dent, 5.0 H ws3606 153.00 5.0
Loom Reed SS-40 in./10 dent, 5.0 H ws4010 170.00 7.0
Loom Reed SS-40 in./12 dent, 5.0 H ws4012 170.00 7.0
Loom Reed SS-40 in./15 dent, 5.0 H ws4015 177.00 8.0
Loom Reed SS-45 in./12 dent, 5.0 H ws4512 191.00 8.0
Loom Reed SS-45 in./15 dent, 5.0 H ws4515 200.00 8.0
Loom Reed SS-45 in./6 dent, 5.0 H ws4506 191.00 6.0
Loom Reed SS-45 in./8 dent, 5.0 H ws4508 191.00 7.0
Loom Reed SS-48 in./10 dent, 5.0 H ws4810 204.00 8.0
Loom Reed SS-48 in./12 dent, 5.0 H ws4812 204.00 8.0
Loom Reed SS-48 in./15 dent, 5.0 H ws4815 213.00 8.0
Loom Reed SS-48 in./6 dent, 5.0 H ws4806 204.00 7.0
Loom Reed SS-48 in./8 dent, 5.0 H ws4808 204.00 7.0
(Updated May 18, 2024)

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