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Hand-Painted Wool Bouclé 1-Scarf Warp

This hand-painted 72-thread warp should be set at 8 ends per inch. It is wound from a 97% Wool/ 3% Nylon bouclé yarn, and hand-dyed with acid dyes. It is long enough to weave a scarf 5-1/2 to 6 feet long (measured on-loom, before shrinkage), using the unwoven sections at the beginning and end for fringe. The final length will vary according to your loom waste (extra unwoven length it requires), beat, and finishing method. Note: machine washing and drying will felt your scarf.
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Item code $
qty est ship wt ea
Wool Bouc 1-Scarf Warp, 8epi Olive Wood egiOli 34.00 0.4
Wool Boucle 1-Scarf Warp, 8epi Red Rover egiRed 34.00 0.4
Wool Bouc 1-Scarf Warp, 8epi Harvest Gold egiHar 34.00 0.4
Wool Boucl 1-Scarf Warp, 8epi Seven Seas egiSev 34.00 0.4
Wool B 1-Scarf Warp, 8epi Sherwood Forest egiShe 34.00 0.4
Wool Bou 1-Scarf Warp, 8epi Purple Martin egiPur 34.00 0.4
(Updated March 17, 2021)

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