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WEAVING: Beka Looms for Kids


These looms hold unwoven warp wrapped around a flat board at the far end. Finished work is pulled forward and clamped between two square rods. Comes fully warped and with the weaving started. Also a great bead-loom, padded with a little foam. Comes in two sizes, 4 inches wide (at left) or 10 inches wide (at right). The larger size comes with two heddles, 4 and 10 inches wide. The heddles are 8 dent, that is they take 8 threads/inch. Also available, in both widths: 10 and 12 dent heddles.

Maysville 8/4 Carpet Warp (see "Yarns") is a good warp for many kids' projects. Generally anything will work for weft, Sugar'n Cream is particularly nice. Also see cardweaving cards, the rope machine, inkle looms & SG rigid heddle looms.

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Item code put-up $
6+, $
qty est ship wt ea
Child's Loom RH-10 (10 in wide) weRH10 ea 70.00 66.50 5.0
Child's Loom RH-4 (4 in wide) weRH04 ea 54.00 51.30 3.0
RH Rigid Heddle Bar 4 in. 8 dent weH408 ea 15.00 14.25 0.5
RH Rigid Heddle Bar 4 in. 10 dent weH410 ea 15.00 14.25 0.5
RH Rigid Heddle Bar 4 in. 12 dent weH412 ea 15.00 14.25 0.5
RH Rigid Heddle Bar 10 in 8 dent weH108 ea 18.00 17.10 0.8
RH Rigid Heddle Bar 10 in 10 dent weH110 ea 18.00 17.10 0.8
RH Rigid Heddle Bar 10 in 12 dent weH112 ea 18.00 17.10 0.8
(Updated November 1, 2020)

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