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If you have never done something before, it can be hard to know what you need to do it with. Or you may want to give someone else what they need to start a new project. Our starters are sets of the basic materials; enough to get going. They include what you need to do with, you may need to provide material to do on (fabric, paper, yarn). Contents may vary with availability.

egSMoR - Mordanting
Enough of the basic mordants to experiment with. The Set includes: l LB Alum; 4 oz each Blue Vitriol, Copperas & Cream of Tartar; 1 oz of Tannic Acid; Rubber Gloves, Thermometer, Basic Instructions, and a book: Natural Dyes & Home Dyeing. Contents may vary with availability. You will need dyestuffs.
(picture at left)

egSTIE - Tie-Dye
Six colors of Procion Dye (½ ounce each, colors same as Immersion Set), a pound of Washing Soda, a pound of Urea, Waxed Nylon and Rubber Bands for tieing, 4 Squeeze Bottles for applying color, Rubber Gloves, and Instructions. Starter Set will dye from 1020 shirts (not included).

(picture below)

egSPRO - Procion Immersion
Six colors of Procion Dye (½ ounce each), a pound of Washing Soda, a pound of Urea, 4 oz of Keltex, Rubber Gloves and Instructions for Immersion Dyeing, use and preparation of Keltex, and Warp Painting. Dye colors are Black, Clear Blue, Fuchsia, Lemon Yellow, Turquoise, Warm Red.
egSTIS - Tie Dye Super Set
Includes four colors of Procion Dye (Lemon Yellow, Fuchsia, Turquoise, Warm Red - 4 oz each), 5 LB Washing Soda, 5 LB Urea, Waxed Nylon and Rubber Bands for tieing, 8 Squeeze Bottles for applying color, Rubber Gloves (2 pairs) and Instructions. Will dye at least 50 shirts (not included).

egSECO - Eco Printing Assist Chemicals
Includes 2-4oz Alum, 1-4oz each Calcium Carbonate, Copperas and Sodium Acetate. Basic Instructions and a roller helpful for steaming fabric.

(picture at right)

egSLAN - Lanaset
All you need to get begun. Six colors of Dye, one pound of Glauber's Salts, four ounces of Sodium Acetate, pH Test Paper, Light-Weight Rubber Gloves, and Instructions.

egSMAR - Marbling
This set has four colors of Golden Fluid Acrylics, 4 oz of marbling size, 4 oz of alum, bamboo stirring sticks, a comb for swirling, and complete instructions. You will need a flat pan to work in and cloth or paper to marble on.

(picture at left)

egSBAT - Batik
Learn the art of Batik. Includes four ½ oz of Procion Dye (Black, Clear Red, Clear Blue, Lemon Yellow), one pound of Washing Soda, two Brushes, a Tjanting, Batik Wax, Rubber Gloves and complete instructions.

egSCAR - Cardweaving
Includes 25 cards, a belt shuttle, 3 colors of weaving cotton and Basic Instructions. Also includes dowels and cord to make a simple back-strap set-up (covered in instructions).

(picture at right)


egFMIX - Undyed Natural Spinning Fibers
Some each of all fibers in stock, enough to spin, a total of 1 pound 2 ounces.

egSCUL - Sculpey III
Twelve assorted colors of Sculpey, two tools (Scraper & Needle Tool) and Basic Instructions. Good for children.

(picture at left)

egSCAN - Candlemaking
Includes 5 LB of Paraffin, 3 Candle Colors, 20 Wick Bases, several yards of each size of wick and instructions. Makes 1620 medium sized candles.

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qty est ship wt ea
Starter Set- Mordanting, w/ Dye Pot book egSMoR 47.45 46.00 4.0
Starter Set - Procion egSPRO 35.30 32.50 4.0
Starter Set - Lanaset egSLAN 33.00 31.35 3.0
Starter Set - Tie-Dye egSTIE 36.90 34.00 4.0
Super Set - Tie Dye egSTIS 146.00 139.00 14.0
Starter Set- Eco Print Assist Chemicals egSECo 15.00 14.50 2.0
Starter Set - Marbling egSMAR 40.80 38.75 2.0
Starter Set - Cardweaving egSCAR 52.00 50.70 3.0
Starter Set - Sculpey III egSCUL 24.50 23.25 3.0
(Updated May 13, 2023)

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