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SPINNING: Unicorn Fibre Products

Now Enhanced for HARD WATER use
Optimize cleaning at lower temperatures
Incredible STAIN REMOVER - even Red Wine!
Eliminates build–up of cleaning agents
Cost effective –– use significantly less to scour
Reduces mats and tangles
Eliminates ODORS – Non–yellowing -
Leaves fiber with a clean, fresh aroma
Biodegradable – Earth Friendly
no Fillers- no Bleach

Use to remove wax from undyed cottons before dyeing.

Strong enough for rough and tumble knitwear,
gentle on the most delicate fine yarns and hand knit creations.
Cleans and refreshes all wools and synthetic yarns
Rinses clean - does not permit soils to re-adhere to the fiber shaft
Eliminates odors and staining – non–yellowing
Breaks down soils and odor causing bacteria
Energy saving low suds – HE washer compatible
No phosphates, bleach, ammonia or fillers
Earth Friendly – Biodegradable
formulated to enhance the benefits of Fibre Wash and Power Scour.
Provides luster, softness and anti-static benefits to all natural fibers
Aids in detangling fiber at all stages of washing
Helps minimize re–entry of dirt onto the fiber shaft during washing
Leaves a refreshing fragrance –– non–yellowing
Fiber shielding formula reduces the "itch factor"
Biodegradable – Earth Friendly – No fillers

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Item code put-up $
qty est ship wt ea
Unicorn Power Scour, Reg (4oz) spUPS4 ea 6.00 0.5
Unicorn Power Scour, Large (16oz) spUPSp ea 19.75 1.5
Unicorn Fibre Wash, Reg (4oz) spUFW4 ea 5.75 0.5
Unicorn Fibre Wash, Large (16oz) spUFWp ea 17.50 1.5
Unicorn Fibre Rinse, Reg (4oz) spUFR4 ea 5.00 0.5
Unicorn Fibre Rinse, Large (16oz) spUFRp ea 15.50 1.5
(Updated August 16, 2023)

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