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Hand-Painted Tencel Fiber

One-and-a-half ounce packs. Tencel has a remarkable affinity to color, and an exceptional shimmer when dyed, even more so than Bamboo. This fiber is so lustrous that we have added gold, silver and copper to the colorsets (gold replaces yellow). Perhaps they really meant to call it "tinsel".

Tencel will not itself felt, but wisps of this lustrous fiber can be held in place by fibers that will, such as merino.
It is not that easy to spin alone, though the results can be worth the effort. Try carding 20% or so of Tencel with different fiber, such as wool. When spun, the yarn has a silky shimmer and drape
Like Bamboo, Tencel can be used like silk fiber to make paper.

Please specify color (for the shopping cart, in the notes), and remember that these are hand-painted a few at a time, and colors will vary, especially for the multi-colored.

Instructions for making tencel (or bamboo) paper

Tencel spun alone

Tencel "paper"

Tencel on drying rack

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Hand-Dyed Tencel Roving, variegated 1.5oz egFTVA 9.00 0.3
(Updated February 2019)

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