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SPINNING: Hand-made Wool Combs

These are beautifully made and very sturdy.
Petite Wool Combs, 3 in Maple 2-Row, measuring about 5 inches, come in pairs. The tines are slightly curved at the ends, and there are either one or two rows of them. They are used hand-held. These we currently stock.
English Combs, also in pairs, are yet larger (about 8 inches). The tines are straight. One of the pair must be set into the included stand, the other is hand-held.
The Blending Hackle, measuring 1 by 14 inches, is a single piece.

Viking Combs can be ordered; ask.
They are larger (about 7 inches), also in pairs with tines curved near the tips, one or two rows. They can be used hand-held, or with ones set into a stand, sold separately.

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Item code put-up $
qty est ship wt ea
English Wool Combs, 6 in Maple 5p Std Row spG8M5 pair 328.60 3.0
Petite Wool Combs, 3 in Maple 2-Row spG3M2 pair 120.80 1.0
Fine Wool Combs, 4.5 in Maple 2-Row spG4M2 pair 144.60 2.0
Blending Hackle, Maple 1-1/2w x 8 OAL spGBLH ea 147.90 4.0
(Updated January 13, 2021)

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