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SPINNING: Strauch Drum Carders

General Features and Benefits of Strauch Chain Drive Wood Frame Carders (the Standard and the Finest). The Petite is belt-driven, please click on it's code in the table below to see its features.
Chain drive
Non-slipping, durable (lifetime guarantee against breakage), never has to be replaced, NO GREASE NEEDED-EVER
Solid hardwood frame
Durable, attractive
(unique to Strauch Carders)
Transfer of fiber to main drum evenly & quickly without damaging the fiber. Minimal fiber build-up on lickerin drum.
Fine card cloth
Cards ALL fibers. No need to change drums.
Teeth of both drums do not touch or intermesh
No damage to fiber or carding cloth.
Galvanized metal feed tray
Tapered design with high sides for easy feeding of fiber.
Bronze bearings
Easy turning of drum. Never needs lubrication.
Aluminum bearing blocks
Stable, won't slip, warp or crack like wood or plastic.
Your Strauch carder never becomes obsolete!
Modular construction
All parts are interchangeable and replaceable.
Lifetime Warranty
Labor is always free.
Brush attachment
Produces fuller, loftier batts. Prevents fiber "fly-away".
(The "Finest" has additional features, see below.) These drum carders, and all other Strauch equipment, are excluded from all discounts, at all times.
Please click on the codes in the list below to see pictures and descriptions.

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Item code $
qty est ship wt ea
Strauch Std Drum Carder 8 in w/brush FINE spH200 770.00 32.0
Strauch Petite Drum Carder 7 in w/brush spHP05 595.00 24.0
Strauch Finest Drum Carder w/brush spH405 895.00 37.0
Strauch Mad Battr Art Carder 8 in w/Brush spH300 855.00 24.0
Strauch Brush Attachment, Std 8 in spH2BR 75.00 2.0
Strauch Brush Attachment, Petite 7 in spHPBR 75.00 1.5
Strauch Knuckle-Saving Batt Picker spHKSP 30.00 0.7
Strauch Doffer / Cleaner Brush 1.5 in. spHDCB 20.00 0.4
Strauch Teasing Tool with Clamp spHTTC 39.00 2.0
Strauch Flicker spHFLi 20.00 1.0
Strauch Handcard Cleaner / Ornament spHoRN 7.00 0.3
Strauch Std Doub W 16 in Carder w/Br FINE spH20W 1080.00 40.0
Strauch Brush Attachment, Double Wd 16 in spH2BW 112.00 2.0
Strauch Finest Double W 16 in Carder w/Br spH40W 1200.00 45.0
(Updated February 21, 2021)

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