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SPINNING: Louet Spinning Wheels

S10 ST Spinning Wheel
The original Louët with minor modifications to keep it on the leading edge of spinning technology. The S10's careful design has proven to be an ideal wheel for beginners and experts alike. Sturdy construction makes it a suitable wheel for production spinners. The single hole in the wheel leads to a balanced flywheel, which ensures that the wheel always stops in the place that you stop. Constructed with solid lacquered wood. Accessories available for the S10 include: skeinwinder, distaff, a four bobbin lazy kate, high speed bobbin, fatcore bobbin, flyers, and various spareparts.
S17 Spinning Wheel
Introducing the everyday wheel. This single treadle wheel is designed with the budget conscious spinner in mind! Smooth ball bearing operation like all our wheels, easy treadling, and a well balanced wheel that won’t disappoint! Comes as a kit with assembly instructions.

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Item code put-up $
qty est ship wt ea
Louet S-10 ST Spin Wheel, Irish Tension spLS10 ea 738.00 17.0
Louet S-17 ST Spin Wheel Kit unassembled spLS17 ea 479.00 20.0
Louet Replacement Drive Band spLDB1 ea 24.00 0.1
Louet Reg Core 3 Spd Bobbin spBRC3 ea 36.00 1.0
Louet Fat Core High Spd Bobbin spBFCH ea 73.00 1.0
(NS)Louet s90 Fat High Spd Bobbin spB90F ea 73.00 1.0
Louet Reg High Spd Bobbin spBRCH ea 36.00 1.0
(NS)Louet s90 Reg 3 Spd Bobbin spB90R ea 36.00 0.7
(Updated November 18, 2023)

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