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SPINNING: Undyed Fibers

If you order 6 pounds or more of unspun fibers, any mix, they all get the "6 LB+ asst" prices. Fractions of pounds are fine (.25 LB is 4 oz, .5 LB is 8 oz, etc.).

Add items to your shopping cart by entering quantities in the column of boxes (right-most but one) and clicking the Add To Cart button at the bottom of the page. The cart does not calculate our discounts. We will e-mail you a detailed confirmation copy of your order with all discounts applied.

Item code put-up $
6 LB+ asst, $
qty est ship wt ea
Palest Grey Carded Wool Roving spF02p lb 19.60 18.60 1.4
Light Grey Carded Wool Roving spF04p lb 19.60 18.60 1.4
Nat Warm Brown Merino Carded Wool Roving spF27p lb 18.50 17.70 1.4
White Falkland Carded Wool Roving spF47p lb 20.50 19.50 1.4
Dark Grey Local Carded Wool Roving spFDGY lb 19.50 19.00 1.4
Domestic Wool Top spFDWp lb 16.00 15.36 1.4
NZ Romney Carded Wool spFZRp lb 20.40 19.50 1.4
Texas Mohair Top spFTMp lb 30.56 29.12 1.4
Spin Fiber Chinese Bamboo Top (undyed) spFVBp lb 30.88 29.92 1.4
Spin Fiber Tencel Top- Ecru spFTTp lb 25.92 24.80 1.4
American Merino Wool Top spFDMp lb 35.50 34.20 1.4
(Updated February 17, 2024)

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