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SPINNING: Lendrum Folding Spinning Wheels

A portable wheel that works extremely well and has a variety of options that make it very versatile. Comes single- or double-treadle. Folds compactly for storage or travel, and weighs only 14 pounds. Little maintenance is required; the wood and finish are very hard. The thread guides are sliding, a threader and 4 bobbins ship with, the lazy kate (included) is tensioned. Scotch tension allows wheel/flyer speeds to range smoothly from 5:1 to 44:1.
There are five flyer/heads available:

The regular flyer ships with all wheels. Orifice diameter is 7/16 inch, ratios are 6, 8 and 10, and the capacity of the bobbin is 20 cubic inches.
The fast flyer is used for fine yarns that need more twist. It uses the same bobbins and mother as the regular one. Ratios are 12, 15 and 17 (orifice and bobbin capacity are the same as for regular).
The very fast flyer is capable of working at up to 2000 twists per minute, for spinning fine, high twist yarns and short staple fibers. Orifice diameter is 1/8 inch, ratios are 26, 30, 36 and 44.
The plying head lets you ply two bobbins onto a larger one. Orifice is 7/8 inches, ratios 5, 7 and 9; bobbin capacity 20 cubic inches.
The quill head lets you learn to work with a quill without a great wheel. Ratios are 6, 25 and 37; quill length is 6 inches.

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Item code put-up $
qty est ship wt ea
Lendrum Spin Wheel, Folding DT spDW02 ea 725.00 24.0
Lendrum Regular Bobbin for Folding Wheel spDB01 ea 24.00 0.3
Lendrum High Sp Bobbin for Folding Wheel spDB02 ea 31.00 0.5
Lendrum Fast Flyer, 7/16 orifice spDF03 ea 48.00 1.0
Lendrum Very Fast Flyer 1/8 orif, 44:1 spDF04 ea 225.00 0.4
Lendrum Plying Head, 7/8 orifice spDF05 ea 137.00 4.0
Lendrum Tensioned Kate (no bobbins) spDTKA ea 43.00 0.8
Lendrum Lg Bobbin for Plying Head spDB03 ea 38.00 0.8
Lendrum Regular Flyer, 7/16 orifice spDF01 ea 48.00 0.0
Lendrum Quill Head spDF02 ea 65.00 3.0
Lendrum Regular Drive Band spDDBR ea 14.00 0.1
Lendrum Large Drive Band spDDBL ea 14.00 0.1
Lendrum Spin Hook spDSHK ea 8.00 0.0
(Updated August 24, 2023)

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