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Wax Sheets, Wicks

Collect your tools: wax sheets, a metal-edge ruler, a matt or other small knife, scissors and wick (see below to figure wick size) to start with. Bring the sheets to a warm room temperature, 75°-80°F. If you try to work them too cool, they will be brittle and apt to crack. Work on a solid, evenly flat surface. Cover with unprinted paper or with fabric, to keep wax clean and make clean-up easy. Keep the wax warm as you go.
Cut a piece of wick about 1" longer than your candle will be tall. Lay it along a side of the sheet, a little ways in, with the extra length at the top. Gently fold about ¼" of wax over the wick, and carefully press it firmly down. Pull gently on the wick (donít yank it right out) to make sure it is securely in place.
Now roll up your candle. Make it as tight as you can without squashing the honeycomb pattern. If you use more than one piece, butt the second right up against the first to avoid lumps and ridges. Or make a small overlap and press the edges together to the thickness of a single sheet.
Store at room temperature, out of direct sun. Too cool temperatures may make candles unroll, sunlight will fade colors and make candles sag. For shipping, pack very carefully, and do not send if temperatures will go below 45°F—very cold sheets of wax may shatter if bumped.

Tapers, other shapes, appliques—endless possibilities. Here are two very simple examples.

  • Cut a sheet into two approximate squares. Make two candles 8½" tall and about ¾" diameter. Use #500 wick (burns longer) or #360 wick (burns brighter).
  • Cut a sheet into two long rectangles. Join to make one candle 4¼" tall, about 1¾" diameter. Use # 200 wick.
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