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PAPERMAKING: Introduction

Botanical & Sparkly Additives

ANGEL WINGS These break into long strands in the blender to give a mulberry fiber effect to handmade paper. Use 1 or 2 petals per sheet. Remove seed before use to avoid brown spots in paper.
GLITTERS Add bits of sparkle to your paper. Dusts are very fine, Sprinkles are kind of like the ones you put on cookies or ice cream (only flatter and not edible). Flakes resemble fish scales made from cellophane.

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Item code put-up $
6+, $
qty est ship wt ea
Papermaking Angel Wings Blue pmAWBL 1/2oz 3.99 3.87 0.1
Papermaking Angel Wings Peach pmAWPE 1/2oz 3.99 3.87 0.1
Papermaking Angel Wings Pink pmAWPI 1/2oz 3.99 3.87 0.1
Papermaking Angel Wings Purple pmAWPU 1/2oz 3.99 3.87 0.1
Papermaking Angel Wings Yellow pmAWYE 1/2oz 3.99 3.87 0.1
Dust for Paper Making, Silver pmMDSa 1 g 5.25 5.09 0.0
Dust for Paper Making, Copper pmMDCa 1 g 5.25 5.09 0.0
Shimmering Iridescent Flakes pmMIRa pkg 3.99 3.80 0.4
(Updated August 2, 2020)

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