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BOOKS: For and with Kids

Books marked "CB" are coloring books.

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qty est ship wt ea
Barlowe- America the Beautiful to Paint o pbY184 5.99 0.0
Bartfeld- Mandala Designs CB pbY144 4.99 0.7
Bernhard- Wetlands Plants & Animals CB pbY083 4.99 0.7
Copeland- The Underground Railroad CB pbY136 4.99 0.7
Engler- Making Puppets Come Alive pbY058 12.95 0.6
Green- Life In Ancient Mexico CB pbY145 4.99 0.7
Helfman- Fun With Origami (kit) pbY006 6.95 3.0
Horemis- Geometrical Design CB pbY060 4.99 0.7
How to Make Friendship Bracelets pbY130 15.95 0.9
Hsu- How To Make Origami Airplanes pbY093 5.95 0.0
Kawami- Cut & Assemble Paper Dragons Fly pbY003 6.95 0.4
LaFontaine- Exploring The Solar System CB pbY162 4.99 0.7
Lang- Complete Book Of Origami pbY007 15.95 1.3
Latshaw- Complete Book Of Puppetry pbY057 15.95 1.2
Michelangelo- Sistine Chapel CB pbY027 4.95 0.7
Morris- William Morris Stained Glass CB pbY159 7.99 0.7
Pearce- Celtic Animals CB pbY150 3.95 0.7
Pomaska- Hidden Picture CB pbY147 4.99 0.7
Pomaska- The Land of Dots CB pbY146 4.99 0.7
Pomaska- What's Wrong With This Pict CB pbY148 4.99 0.7
Relei- Aquarium Fish Stained Glass CB pbY155 7.99 0.7
Sato- Optical Illusions CB pbY071 3.95 0.7
Sibbett- Ancient Egyptian Design CB pbY095 4.99 0.7
Sibbett- Celtic Design CB pbY062 4.95 0.7
Smith- Tiffany Designs Stained Glass CB pbY091 7.99 0.7
Soffer- Butterflies and Flowers to Paint pbY181 5.99 0.0
Tarbox- Floral Bouquets CB pbY142 3.95 0.7
(Updated October 26, 2021)

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