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Kumihimo Supplies

Kumihimo is an ancient Japanese craft, that makes braids of many different structures. It was first done with hands alone, but stands (Marudai, Takudai) were later developed to hold the cords, and the braid as it grows, freeing up the braider’s hands for faster, easier, and more complex manipulations. Now boards made of dense foam, with slots around the edges to hold the strands, are readily available. Compared to the traditional stands, they are very cheap and very portable, and can be rotated as you work. The slots hold onto the unbraided strands tightly enough that they do not need to be weighted to provide correct tension.
Some braids require a weight to pull them down as they grow, and some do not.
Any material in strand form that is not too large or sticky for the notches can be used. The thinner size of rat-tail works especially well, as does Embroidery Floss (in the store, but not online).

Kumihimo in the New Way

KUMIHIMO in the New Way
Materials, Starting a Braid, Finishing a Braid, General Information & Tips, Patterns, Color Variations: examples of the same braid structure,
and strands, with the colors arranged in various ways, Color Planners: worksheets for planning strand colors. Produced here at Earth Guild.

KUMIHIMO on a Braiding Loom
Tools and supplies, Initial setup, Round braids, Flat braids, Hollow braid, Square braid, Beaded braids, Finishing techniques for necklaces,
Photo galleries of project ideas

Kumihimo on a Braiding Loom

Disc with Bobbins

Circles are best for Round Braids, Squares for flat (or flatish) ones.
For winding up the strands.

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Kumihimo In The New Way egRF55 book 11.00 10.50 0.2
Comp Guide to Kumihimo On a Braiding Loom pbKN37 book 17.95 17.05 0.6
Kumihimo Braid Disk, Foam Circle 6 in knKUD0 ea 5.75 5.60 0.2
Kumihimo Braid Disk, Foam Square 6 in knKUD4 ea 5.65 5.50 0.2
Kumihimo Plastic Bobbins, Sm 1-7/8 dia knKUM4 pk 8 2.40 2.35 0.1
(Updated March 1, 2023)

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