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HANDLING: Introduction

Do not use the same dishes pots and spoons for dye and for food. Do not allow people or pets to eat dyestuffs or accessory chemicals. If you must dye in the same space that you use for cooking (as is the case with most people), protect surfaces before you start and clean up thoroughly when you are through. This is just common-sense. We have chosen the dyes we carry with a high priority given to low risk. But do not ignore the basic rules of chemical hygiene (see "Cautions", in the "Dyeing" section).

We carry many containers (most are calibrated), gloves, aprons, thermometers, test paper, several kinds of mask, and goggles to help keep you clean and safe, and allow you to be precise. Accurate measuring (and note-taking) is essential if you need to follow a recipe exactly, or if you might wish to achieve close to identical results another time.

How much dyeing you expect to do, with which dyes, your individual level of sensitivity, will you be working with kids, do you need to get a very exact color more than once - you will need to consider all this. Common sense and carefulness will go a very long way.

Follow one of the links below to see what we have to offer.

Jars & tubs, beakers, syringes, funnels, pipets; wash, squeeze and spray bottles; weight-boats, scoopula spatula.

Thermometer, pH paper, water testers.

Gloves, apron, masks, goggles.