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EARTH GUILD Gift Certificates

For a Gift Certificate Order, the quantity entered is the dollar amount desired, in whole dollars.

Please make a separate order for each Gift Certificate (make as many orders as you wish).

Use the note and address fields to give us additional information. Don't forget to click ADD MESSAGE.

  • Tell us if you would prefer your purchase to arrive by email or by US Mail.
  • If we email it to you, you will get your order details and a PDF you can print and fill out to give to your recipient. That will happen as soon as we enter your order.
  • If it travels in the mail, it will take a few days longer, and the form can go to you or directly to the recipient.

The recipient's name and address will allow us to enter the credit you have purchased for them in their name. This can make it easier to find when they wish to redeem it. Of course, we would need that information to mail to them directly.

Note: Gift Certificates are excluded from the Volume Discount Schedule in the sense that a $200 certificate costs a full $200; but someone applying it to a $200 order would get the full discount, and have $20 left over. Earth Guild Gift Certificates apply to any purchase, mail order or in-store.

Item code $
Gift Certificate miGIFT 1.00
(Updated September 2, 2020)

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