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FOLKWEAR: Patterns 101 through 139

Earth Guild stocks the complete line. If you purchase six or more patterns, any mix, the unit price drops. If your order total - everything you get at one time, not just Folkwear - reaches $100, you will receive further discounts, from 5% at $100 up to 20% at $400.
Anything worn or used, by anybody, from anytime, may be in the Folkwear library. Nobody else ever tried for such breadth and inclusiveness. Whether for fancy dress, every-day dressing up, ethnic costuming, or social research, Folkwear is a treasure-house.
All patterns are multi-size with full-size pieces. Easy-sew and special techniques are explained and illustrated. Historical lore sets the garment in its own time and place. Instructions and suggestions for traditional embellishments are included, and for some patterns there are knitted and crocheted accessories.
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Item code $
6+ asst, $
qty est ship wt ea
Folkwear- Gaza Dress ptF101 16.95 16.10 0.4
Folkwear- Syrian Dress ptF105 14.95 14.20 0.4
Folkwear- Little Kittel ptF110 16.95 16.10 0.4
Folkwear- Nepali Blouse ptF111 16.95 16.10 0.4
Folkwear- Croatian Shirt ptF117 14.95 14.20 0.4
Folkwear- Bolivian Milkmaid Jacket ptF124 14.95 14.20 0.4
Folkwear- Vests from Greece & Poland ptF126 16.95 16.10 0.4
Folkwear- Russian Settler's Dress ptF128 16.95 16.10 0.4
Folkwear- Tibetan Chupa and Wrap Skirt ptF131 19.95 18.95 0.4
Folkwear- South Asian Tops & Wraps ptF134 16.95 16.10 0.4
Folkwear- Jewels of India ptF135 19.95 18.95 0.5
(Updated January 17, 2022)

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