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Tools for Needle-felting & Fiber Starter Set

The 6- and 9-barb felting needles (The assortment has two 6 standards, and one each of the three kinds of 9) are made from triangular 36 gauge wire. The 6's and the 9-fines are 3½ inches long, the other two 9's are three inches long.
The star point needles (3 inches long, 36 gauge) have 4 sides, and the extra side makes them especially good for fast, fine felting.
The twisted needles have a turn in the shaft swirls the fiber around to felt it quickly and strongly. Also leave smaller holes.
The Clover refills are 38 gauge (finer). Any of the needles except the twisted one can go in any of the holders, as long as they are all the same length. The the 6- and 9- barb ones do go past the guard on the Clover holder.

The Work Pad is a block of foam, the Mats are brush-like.

Click here to read about the basic process of needle-felting.

STARTER SET: Materials for Needle Felting
Eight different colors of the Wilde batts, a total of four ounces. Enough for several projects. Felting needle and instructions are not included.

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Item code put-up $
6+ asst, $
qty est ship wt ea
Felting Needle Assortment, set of 5 tsAT02 set 7.25 6.90 0.1
Felting Needle, 6-Std (R222) lg/sh tsAT03 ea 1.50 1.40 0.0
Felting Needle, 9-Std (R333) lg/sh tsAT10 ea 1.50 1.40 0.0
Felting Needle, 9-Fine (F333) lg/sh tsAT11 ea 1.75 1.65 0.0
Felting Needle, 9-Close (C333) lg/sh tsAT04 ea 1.50 1.40 0.0
Felting Needle, Star Point tsAT22 ea 1.75 1.65 0.0
Felting Needle, Twisted point tsAT23 ea 1.75 1.65 0.0
Work Pad for Needle Felting, 6 x 8 tsAT06 ea 1.75 1.60 0.1
Starter Set 1- Felting Fiber Matls (4 oz) egSFEL set 6.50 0.3
Multi-Needle Felting Tool, 6 Holes-3 ndls tsAT12 ea 26.75 26.15 0.3
Multi-Needle Felting Tool, 12 hole/6 ndls tsAT14 ea 38.50 37.50 0.3
Clover Felting Needle Tool w/guard tsAT15 ea 20.00 19.50 0.0
Clover Fine Wt Refill Felting Needles tsAT16 pkg 5 10.00 9.75 0.1
Clover Heavy Wt Refill Felting Needles tsAT17 pkg 5 10.00 9.75 0.1
Clover Pen-Style Felting Needle Tool tsAT18 ea 15.00 14.30 0.0
Needle Felting Mat Small tsAT20 ea 12.25 11.64 0.0
Needle Felting Mat Large tsAT21 ea 19.25 18.35 0.0
(Updated September 3, 2023)

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