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Ukranian Easter Egg

DYES: Tools & Supplies for Surface Design

METAL-TIP RESIST APPLICATOR - A half-ounce squeeze bottle with a metal tip that fits over the spout. Declogging pin included.
- Designed for applying glaze to greenware, it’s a great tool for fabric painting, especially for detailed work. It has a small reservoir for holding paint. Made in two point sizes, please specify. Also makes a fine “kiska” for traditional Ukranian Easter Egg decoration. Also see Batik.
KEMPER SPATTER BRUSH - Spiral brush on a handle, with pin to twist against. Like a toothbrush and finger-flick, but easier to use (for this purpose).
FABRIC ARTS WATER-BASED CLEAR RESIST - A liquid resist designed for direct painting. It can also be used for batik and silk screening. Remove from fabric by rinsing in cold water after setting the colors.
SILKPAINT RESIST - A water-soluble, clear, liquid resist. Designed for direct application, can be tinted with paints. Fabric may be painted while resist is still wet. After setting, remove resist by washing with a mild soap.

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Item code put-up $
6+ asst, $
qty est ship wt ea
Metal Tip Appl (fine) w/bottle gaBTA5 ea 3.79 3.60 0.1
Metal Tip Appl (med) w/bottle gaBTA7 ea 3.79 3.60 0.1
Kemper Fluid Writer Small gaFWPS ea 16.25 15.11 0.1
Metal Tip Appl (large) w/bottle gaBTA9 ea 3.89 3.70 0.1
Droppers for Silk Paint ga704M pk 5 4.39 4.17 0.2
Kemper Fluid Writer Large gaFWPL ea 16.75 15.58 0.2
Spatter Brush Tool ga0SBT ea 7.75 7.21 0.2
ASSA Silk Thumbtacks gaASSA 100 15.99 15.19 0.3
Rocco Clear Resist (Fabric Arts) gaFAR2 2 oz 5.00 4.85 0.3
Jacquard Waterbased Resist- Colorless gr8802 2.2oz 4.99 4.74 0.3
Silkpaint Resist gaSPR4 4 oz 8.00 7.50 0.4
Aluminum Head SS Push Pins gaSS1c pk 100 19.99 18.99 0.5
Jacquard Gutta Resist- Colorless gr7804 4 oz 15.99 15.19 0.6
Jacquard Gutta Resist- Black gr7814 4 oz 15.99 15.19 0.6
Jacquard Gutta Resist- Gold gr7824 4 oz 15.99 15.19 0.6
Jacquard Gutta Resist- Silver gr7834 4 oz 15.99 15.19 0.6
Rocco Clear Resist (Fabric Arts) gaFAR8 8 oz 11.95 11.50 1.0
Jacquard Waterbased Resist- Colorless gr8808 8 oz 11.99 11.39 1.0
Jacquard Gutta Resist- Colorless gr7808 8 oz 27.99 26.59 1.1
(Updated January 13, 2021)

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