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DYES: Lanaset Acid Wool
Starter Set & Accessory Chemicals

The Lanaset® Dyes are a specially formulated palette of wool colors, spectacularly rich, composed with elegance. And they are just as pretty on silk. Exceptionally easy to use. Use vinegar for acidity and glauberís salts to level. Sodium acetate is a pH buffer; you will need it only if you wish to record and duplicate your work (see Complete Instructions). One-half ounce of dye will dye 1 to 1½ pounds of fiber to a medium shade.

Lanaset Starter Set
All you need to get begun.
Six colors of Dye,
one pound of Glauber's Salts,
four ounces of Sodium Acetate,
pH Test Paper,
Light-Weight Rubber Gloves,
and Instructions.

Find the Color List & Prices for Lanaset Dyes here. "Real" Color Swatches are available, see below. Use this link to see "Virtual Color Swatches". Use this link to see Basic & Complete Technical Instructions — or ask us to send them with your order.

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Item code put-up $
qty est ship wt ea
Starter Set - Lanaset egSLAN set 33.00 3.0
Samples - Lanaset Color egLSAM ea 0.50 0.0
Citric Acid dcCA4a 4 oz 3.20 0.5
Citric Acid dcCA1p 1 lb 8.00 2.0
Citric Acid dcCA5p 5 lb 32.80 7.0
Citric Acid dcCA25 25 lb 122.80 29.0
Glauber's Salts (sodium sulfate) dcGS1p 1 lb 2.90 2.0
Glauber's Salts (sodium sulfate) dcGS5p 5 lb 8.80 7.0
Glauber's Salts (sodium sulfate) dcGS25 25 lb 46.60 31.0
Sodium Acetate dcSA4a 4 oz 5.30 0.5
Sodium Acetate dcSA1p 1 lb 15.40 2.0
Sodium Acetate dcSA5p 5 lb 65.10 7.0
(Updated August 29, 2022)

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