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DYES: Fabric Arts Liquid Dyes

Called "dyes", used for painting on silk and on wool. There are 27 concentrated, vibrant, alcohol-free colors — excellent for mixing. Thin with either Dye Dilutant or with a 50/50 mix of distilled water and ethyl alcohol. The Dye Dilutant is concentrated: use one part to seven parts water. Liquid Fabric Dyes must be steam-set for permanence. Will not stiffen fabric. Instructions.
ANTIFUSANT - Apply to fabric and allow to dry before painting. It will slow down the flow of color and make it easier to contain areas within resist borders.
Quantity (6+ asst) prices apply to assorted colors of the same size. Dye colors shown are only approximate, and will display differently on different monitors.

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(Updated May 28, 2022)
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