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DYES: Silk Yardage & Scarves

We have yardage of a lustrous light-weight silk, a 10 mm (mummy) Habotai, 45" wide. And finished scarves in six sizes, with rolled hems on all four sides, of an 8 mm weave. They’re ready for dye: Lanaset or Deka or Procion, batik or tie-dye or marbling or painting. Also chiffon scarves, especially for nuno felting Mixed sizes of scarves get 6+ prices.

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Item code put-up $
6+ asst, $
qty est ship wt ea
Chiffon Silk Scarf, 14 x 72 gaSC72 ea 18.70 18.20 0.1
Habotai Silk Scarf-11 square gaSS11 ea 5.20 5.00 0.0
Habotai Silk Scarf-11 x 60 gaSS60 ea 12.90 12.60 0.1
Habotai Silk Scarf-21 square gaSS22 ea 9.65 9.40 0.1
Habotai Silk Scarf-29 square gaSS30 ea 13.85 13.50 0.1
Habotai Silk Scarf-35 square gaSS35 ea 18.40 17.95 0.1
Habotai Silk Scarf-8 x 54 gaSS54 ea 9.85 9.60 0.2
Silk Habotai Fabric 10 mm 45 in gaS45W yd 25.20 24.70 0.3
(Updated August 16, 2023)

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