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DYES: Books for Natural
& Immersion Dyeing

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A Handbook Of Indigo Dyeing pbD034 29.95 1.1
Adrosko- Natural Dyes & Home Dyeing pbD002 10.95 0.5
Buchanan- A Weaver's Garden pbD007 12.95 0.8
Casselman- Craft of the Dyer pbD031 12.95 2.0
Color and Fiber pbD043 49.99 3.0
Dyeing To Spin & Knit pbD046 26.99 0.0
EcoColour- Botanical Dyes for Textiles pbD041 40.00 0.0
Hand Dyeing Yarn and Fleece pbD038 18.95 0.0
Natural Dyeing With Plants pbD050 26.99 1.1
Natural Hair Coloring pbD049 18.95 1.1
Surf Des w/ Procion Dyes (swatches) pbD011 12.00 0.4
The Art & Science of Natural Dyes pbD048 60.00 2.0
The Dye Pot pbD003 7.50 0.4
The Handbook Of Natural Plant Dyes pbD045 21.95 1.4
Wild Mountain Time- Native Dye Plants pbD051 15.00 0.4
(Updated March 24, 2021)

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