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DYES: Batik

Batik is a surface decoration technique for cloth which uses successive dyeings combined with patterns of wax resist. For example, begin with a piece of white cloth. Apply a design in wax, dip into yellow dye and you get a piece of yellow cloth with a white design; apply more wax, dip into red dye, and you get an orange piece of cloth with a white and yellow design; apply another set of wax patterns, dip into blue dye, and you get a brown piece of cloth with a white and yellow and orange design on it. Batik designs build backwards and this takes a little getting used to. The design you draw with the wax is what does not turn into the next color.

Learn the art of batik. Includes four ½ oz of Procion dye, one pound of washing soda, two brushes, a tjanting, 1 pound batik wax, gloves and complete instructions.
TJANTING TOOLS Wax pens. Spout diameters: small, medium or large. Metal bowl and spout, hardwood handle. "6+" prices apply to mixed sizes of tjantings.
BATIK WAX A microcrystalline wax, low crackle. Add Paraffin for more crackle. Boil out and save for indefinite reuse. Melts at 175ºF, flash point is 500ºF. Excellent working properties.
145ºF melting point, 315ºF flash point, 1/2% oil.
BEESWAX Natural beeswax.
Mix paraffin and beeswax to make batik wax. More paraffin (brittle) makes more crackle, more beeswax (soft) ensures better penetration into the mesh of the fabric. Basic Batik Instructions are free with order - ask. Or find them on this web-site.

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Item code put-up ea 6+,ea qty est ship wt ea
Starter Set - Batik egSBAT set 34.00 32.30 3.0
Batik (Microcrystalline) Wax, per lb gaMWXp lb 6.00 5.85 1.1
Batik (Microcrystalline) Wax Slab, 10-11# gaMWXs 10 lb 58.50 56.75 11.2
Paraffin Wax Case caPWXc 53 lb 227.50 223.00 55.0
Paraffin Wax, per lb caPWXp lb 4.90 4.75 1.1
Paraffin Wax Slab caPWXs 10 lb 46.50 45.50 11.2
Beeswax, Natural Yellow caBWXp lb 12.70 12.35 1.2
Tjanting Large gaTJAL ea 7.19 6.83 0.1
Tjanting Medium gaTJAM ea 7.19 6.83 0.1
Tjanting Small gaTJAS ea 7.19 6.83 0.1
Electric Batik Funnel Pen gaTJAE ea 69.99 66.49 1.0
(Updated August 17, 2020)

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