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CORDS: Macramé

The words derives from the Turkish (or Persian or Arabic) for fringe. Macramé is knots; mostly half hitches and square knots. It was very popular in the sixties, and is back around. This time, chokers knotted from hemp twine and decorated with beads are a very big favorite. Hemp and linen are especially good for knotting; they are not too slippery to hold knots, or too skinny to manipulate. There are many other cords that will work well; see the jute in the basketry section, the waxed cotton and the white cotton blend cords in this section. The T-pins below, and the netting shuttles, listed with the hammock and netting materials, are very handy.

THE MACRAMÉ BOOK by Helene Bress
(pbKN24, paperback, 148 pages)
A re-design of the book first published in 1972. Knots, materials, shaping and finishing techniques, projects with diagrams and photos. And a full-color inspirational gallery. Comprehensive and very pleasing coverage.

THE NEW MACRAMÉ by Katie Dumont
(pbKN27, paperback, 110 pages)
"Contemporary Knotted Jewelry and Accessories". Includes a brief history, some general information and instructions for basic knot-making, a picture gallery and a wide range of projects with complete instructions. Many color photos.

Nickel-plated steel, 1-3/4" long T-shaped pins, used to hold your beading and knotting work in place as you go.

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