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CANDLEMAKING: Introduction

Candlemaking is not simply making wax shapes with wicks that burn and produce light. Candles can be poured or cast, dipped, drawn, rolled, carved, pressed or extruded (these last two are generally commercial processes). These methods can produce an infinite variety of shapes. Candles can be colored and scented, for a first level of elaboration.And then there are the various more complicated methods of decoration. Candles can be over-dipped and wax can be whipped to a foam-like texture. The millefiori or canework technique can be carried out with wax. Flowers or herbs can be applied to the surface of candles. They can be painted and carved. There is no end to the list of possibilities. In the end, the only reason you may be able to bring yourself to burn something so lovingly created, is to have an excuse to make more. (With thanks to "The Candlemakers Companion".)

Earth Guild's Basic Candlemaking Instructions are free with an order - ask. Or find them on this site - go to "Home" or "Products", then to "Instructions".