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DESIGN BOOKS: Dover Archive
Authors "H" through "L"

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qty est ship wt ea
Harris- 390 Traditional Stained Glass Des pbA201 9.95 1.2
Harter- Animals pbA115 19.95 2.6
Heideloff- Medieval Ornament pbA198 19.95 1.7
Hofmann- Decorative Flower & Leaf Designs pbA189 7.95 0.0
Honda- Traditional Japanese Family Crests pbA246 11.95 0.0
Hope- Costumes Of The Greeks & Romans pbA091 12.95 1.2
Hornung- Handbook of Designs & Devices pbA174 12.95 1.2
Hornung- Traditional Japanese Stencil Des pbA033 16.95 1.5
Huber- Treas Fantastic & Mythol Creatures pbA168 14.95 0.0
Koch- The Book Of Signs pbA041 11.95 0.7
Konan- Japanese Woodblock Flower Prints pbA267 22.95 0.0
Lusebrink- 159 Celtic Designs pbA192 6.95 0.7
(Updated April 15, 2021)

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