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PLEASE NOTE: Our Shopping Cart does not show our discounts for item quantity and over-all order size. They WILL be applied. Some manufacturers do not allow us to discount their products in any way. Kromski, Leclerc, Strauch are the main ones, at this time.


  • package size savings:
    Lower your unit costs by buying gallons instead of quarts, pounds instead of ounces, full spools instead of partials.
  • all yarns mix: 6+ unit asst
    Buy six yarn items, of any size, and you qualify. Tubes, cones, skeins, balls — any kind, any color— as long as it’s yarn.
  • all fibers mix: 6+ pound asst
    Any mix of fibers, any amount of each kind, as long as the total is at least six pounds — will qualify for discounted 6+ prices.
  • hoops & handles, brushes: 6+ asst
    Discounts for any assortment of hoops and handles, or any mix of brushes, as long as you get at least six.
  • everything else: 6+ unit
    6+ pricing applies to most things in the catalog: buy six of an item and get a discount. Some items mix & some don’t; see the individual listings. Repackaged chemicals & dyes are excluded

Automatically applies to all orders — based on the total order size — the larger your order, the bigger your discount! And it’s on top of all item quantity discounts. See the exclusions below.

Amount of Sale Discount
$100 – $150 5%
$150 – $200 7.50%
$200 – $250 10%
$250 – $300 12.50%
$300 – $350 15%
$350 – $400 17.50%
$400 and up 20%

To qualify for discounts, an order must be shipped to a single address, on a single order form. We are happy to accept a discounted order from a group, but you must do the dividing up.

Items below don’t qualify and don’t count towards the dollar total.
Floor & Table Looms & replacement parts, Loom Benches, Electric Winders, Warping Mills, Spinning Wheels, Drum-Carders, Strip-Cutters, Ohaus Scales (& extra weights), Paper Presses, Schacht Spool Rack, Mirrix accessories, other large accessories.