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YARNS: Legacy Lace from Brown Sheep

Lace-weight yarn, 75% washable wool and 25% nylon. On 50 gm pull-skeins, approximately 430 yards each. Moth-proofed. Hand or machine wash in lukewarm water, with a good wool soap and 1/8 cup white vinegar. Rinse thoroughly, adding 1/8 cup white vinegar to the last rinse. Roll gently in a towel to remove excess water (do not wring or twist), and lay flat to dry.
Recommended needle size is US #1, average gauge is 11 stiches/inch.
REMEMBER: All yarns mix for "6+ unit asst" discounted prices. PLEASE CLICK ON CODES TO SEE COLORS.

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Item code put-up $
6+ asst, $
qty est ship wt ea
Br Shp Leg Lace Blue Aura (50g/ 430 ybLE40 50g 7.80 7.60 0.3
Br Shp Leg Lace Cream (50g/ 430y) ybLE10 50g 7.80 7.60 0.3
Br Shp Leg Lace Deep Plum (50g/ 430 ybLE60 50g 7.80 7.60 0.3
Br Shp Leg Lace Golden Sunrise 50g/ ybLE20 50g 7.80 7.60 0.3
Br Shp Leg Lace Pinot Noir (50g/ 43 ybLE30 50g 7.80 7.60 0.3
Br Shp Leg Lace Sassy Sage (50g/ 430y) ybLE50 50g 7.80 7.60 0.3
(Updated June 2016)

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