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WOODWORKING: Introduction

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One secret of successful woodcarving is sharp tools. Dull edges slow and coarsen the carving, will frustrate and may injure the carver. A good rule is: 1 minute sharpening time to 5 minutes carving time.

Sharpening & Knife Making by Jim Watson
(pbH002, paperback, 176 pages)
Chisels, gouges, and knives (carving and kitchen). How to sharpen and maintain; and how to make your own. Almost entirely hands-on photographs, with text accompanying.

BLOCK MOUNTED ARKANSAS STONE Natural medium grade Arkansas stone, 6" long by 1-5/8" wide by 3/8" thick. Attached to a block to make sharpening safer and easier.
BASIC SHARPENING KIT No. 2 The essentials: 5" Natural Medium Stone; 4" Natural Fine Stone; 2 ounces of Honing Oil; Sharpening Angle Guide; and Sharpening Instructions.
HONING OIL Four ounce squeeze bottle.
See other sharpening tools with basket tools.

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Jiffy Knife & Scissor Sharpener twAJIF ea 7.80 7.40 0.4
Sharpening & Knife Making pbH002 book 12.95 12.35 0.0
6 in. Med Arkansas Bench Stone on Block twARM6 ea 16.95 16.10 0.0
Repl Blade Set Jiffy Sharpener twAJRE ea 4.15 3.95 0.0
Basic 2-Stone Sharpening Kit No. 2 twABAS ea 18.25 17.35 1.0
Honing Solution (Oil) twAoIL 4 oz 4.90 4.60 0.5
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