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qty est ship wt ea
Complete Book Of Drafting For Handweavers pbW051 24.95 2.0
Learning To Weave (softcover) pbW002 26.99 2.0
The Weaver's Companion pbW171 19.95 1.0
Warp and Weave pbW083 28.00 0.0
Fabrics That Go Bump- Best of Weaver's pbW181 28.95 2.0
Lace & Lacey Weaves pbW021 11.50 0.4
Overshot Is Hot- Best of Weaver's Mag pbW196 28.95 0.0
Tapestry Weaving (Search) pbW095 21.95 2.0
The Handweaver's Pattern Directory pbW192 36.99 1.3
Magic of Double Weave- Best of Weaver's M pbW147 28.95 0.0
Thick 'n Thin - The Best of Weaver's Mag pbW180 28.95 3.0
Ashford Book Of Rigid Heddle Weaving Rev pbW077 27.50 2.0
Byways In Handweaving pbW043 14.95 1.0
Card Weaving (book only) pbW045 24.95 3.0
Card Weaving Or Tablet Weaving pbW044 12.95 0.4
Hands On Rigid Heddle Weaving pbW046 26.99 1.0
Weaving Made Easy, revised & expanded pbW092 24.99 0.0
(Updated February 2019)

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