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SPINNING: Schacht Spinning Wheels

Castle style, the most elaborately engineered of the spinning wheels available today. All choices have been included. It has a double-drive, and a scotch tension. Itís entirely ambidextrous, both from the spinnerís point-of view, and the yarnís (S-twist, Z-twist). It goes slow, or very fast. Itís a modern stripped-down sort of design, with pretty walnut and maple steam-bent laminations. Solid and stable in operation, very easy to carry, especially with the help of a Spinning Cart.

Single Treadle Wheel

Double Treadle Wheel

Lazy Kate

Assorted Whorls

Schacht Wheels come with a threading hook, a carrying strap, an Industrious Kate (with built-in tensioner, hold three bobbins) and two pulleys (medium and fast). Essentially ready to use right out of the box, all wood is finished. There are two wheels, single- and double-treadle. And two bobbins, one (the regular) with a choice of four pulleys or whorls, one with three (the high-speed), for an exceptionally wide range of speeds.

Number of Bobbins Included 4
Wheel/Flyer Speeds 9:1, 11:1, 13:1, 16:1
Flyer/Bobbin Speed Scotch Tension: varies
Flyer/Bobbin Speed double drive: 1.8:1, 1.6:1, 1.3:1, 1.1:1)
Orifice Diameter 3/8 inch
Orifice Height 28 inches
Bobbin Capacity 2-4 ounces
Wheel Diameter 19-1/2 inches
Wheel Weight ST: 16 LB / DT: 17 LB
Shipping Weight ST: 31 LB / DT: 32 LB
Wheels excluded from Volume Discount Schedule.

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Item code put-up $
qty est ship wt ea
Spinning Wheel-1 Treadle Schacht spSWH1 ea 1300.00 30.0
Spinning Wheel-2 Treadle Schacht spSWH2 ea 1314.00 30.0
Lazy Kate Schacht (w/o bobbins) spSLAZ ea 71.00 2.0
Spinning Wheel Cart spSCAR ea 75.00 2.0
Spin Bobbin Reg Speed Schacht spSBRE ea 43.00 1.0
Spin Whorl-Extra Slow Schacht spSPES ea 34.00 1.2
Spin Whorl-Slow Schacht spSPSL ea 30.00 1.0
Spin Whorl-Medium Schacht spSPME ea 30.00 0.7
Spin Whorl-Fast Schacht spSPFA ea 30.00 2.0
Spin Bobbin High Speed Schacht spSBHS ea 43.00 1.0
Spin Whorl-High Speed Schacht spSPHS ea 30.00 0.4
Spin Whorl-Super-High Speed Schacht spSPSU ea 30.00 0.3
Schacht Spin Threading Hook spSHKA ea 11.00 0.2
(Updated February 2019)

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