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Polymer Clay

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POLYMER CLAYS: Pattern Cutters & Tools

These work just like cookie cutters. Flatten clay into a sheet by rolling or patting and press cutter into it. The plunger helps to eject the shapes. Cut pieces can be trimmed, rolled, decorated or otherwise enhanced before hardening. These will also cut wax sheets, to make appliques for rolled candles. Each set has four or five cutters, instructions and a project sheet.

KLAY GUN® Works like a cookie press. Clay is loaded into the barrel and pressed out through any of 19 different discs.
NUBLADE® Cutter, one-sided (to protect fingers), 6" long, 3/4" wide, rigid.
NUFLEX® Like the “Nublade” above, but it flexes, so you can cut a curve.
WAFER MAKER Intended for scraping paint, excellent for cutting polymer canes into thin, even slices. Double razor edge, 3-1/8" long, 7/8" wide. Very sharp, not to be used by children.
NEEDLE TOOL A sharp point set into a wooden handle, for safely poking tiny holes and to measure depth.
LACE TOOL A needle tool at one end, a small curved blade at the other.
MINI RIBBON TOOLS Six tools, 5-1/2" long overall. Handy for trimming small pieces; cute in their own right.
METAL SCRAPER Flexible, 4" by 1-3/4". Useful for smoothing surfaces and for removing unwanted material neatly. Good for slicing clay canes without deforming them.
BRAYERS For rolling polymer clay (or any similarly pliable materials) into sheets and slabs. Especially useful for caneworking. Wood brayer should be moistened with water before using to prevent sticking.

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Item code $
qty est ship wt ea
Pattern Cutter Set Leaf tmPCLE 11.69 0.2
Pattern Cutter Set 1/2 in tmPCS1 12.39 0.1
Pattern Cutter Set 3/8 in tmPCS3 12.19 0.1
Pattern Cutter Set 3/16 in tmPCS5 11.39 0.1
Pattern Cutter Set Rose tmPCRo 11.69 0.1
Pattern Cutter Set Star tmPCST 14.19 1.0
Pattern Cutter Set Square tmPCSQ 15.29 0.2
Pattern Cutter Set Triangle tmPCTR 14.89 0.2
Beveled Edge Cutters- Small tmPC01 8.49 0.0
PolyCutters- Primrose Shapes tmPC03 9.95 0.0
PolyCutters- Trillium & Leaf Shapes tmPC05 9.95 0.0
PolyCutters- Circles, Ovals, & Diamond tmPC06 9.95 0.0
Tri-Bead Roller moNTRi 9.95 0.0
PolyBlade, 6 in stiff, for Polymer moNUBL 7.80 0.1
Flex PolyBlade, 6 in, for Polymer moNUFL 7.49 0.3
Wafer-Maker moWAFE 2.10 0.0
Klay Gun tm0K45 17.99 0.4
Kemper K21(lace tool) tm0K21 3.49 0.5
Mini Ribbon Tools tm0MRS 17.99 1.0
Metal Scraper, smooth edge oval tm00S3 2.49 0.1
Brayer-Wood-(Flower Clay Roller) tmBRAW 3.99 2.0
Potter's Cut Off Needle tm0PCN 1.19 0.0
(Updated February 2019)

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