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Screen Printing

Screen printing is a process by which paint or ink is applied to a surface by pushing it through a mesh screen. Once made from silks, the screens are now more often made from synthetic materials (ours are polyester). The process is used to make multiple copies of the same image. A set of T-shirts for a group or team, of tote-bags for a fund-raiser, are typical sorts of projects.

The screen design can be achieved in various ways. We have materials to draw or paint an image directly on a screen, and the chemicals needed to do it photographically. The second method is a little bit more involved, and allows for more complex and fine-lined images.

We have screens, frames, squeegees and inks. There are many inks available, the ones we carry are intended for use on fabric, and can also be used on paper or cardboard. There is a starter set listed on this page, or they can be purchased separately. See Printing Inks. They can be brush-painted, rather than screen printed on, should you prefer.

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Item code put-up $
qty est ship wt ea
Fabric Print Ink Transparent Base giKTB8 8 oz 9.31 1.1
Fabric Print Ink Transparent Base giKTBQ 32 oz 16.94 3.3
Fabric Print Ink Transparent Base giKTBG gallon 39.96 0.0
Screen Print Drawing Fluid giKDF8 8 oz 8.22 1.1
Screen Print Drawing Fluid giKDFQ 32 oz 23.61 3.3
Screen Print Screen Filler giKSF8 8 oz 12.46 1.1
Screen Print Screen Filler giKSFQ 32 oz 35.11 3.3
Diazo Photo Emulsion- 3-ingredient Kit giKDEK ea 33.13 2.0
Diazo Photo Emulsion for Screen Print giKDEa 26 oz 24.46 2.7
Diazo Sensitizer, needed for Photo Emul giKDSa 2 oz 7.71 0.4
Diazo Photo Emulsion Remover giKDRa 8 oz 8.47 1.1
Frame w/ 110 Screen, 8 x 10 giL10a ea 25.67 0.0
Frame w/ 110 Screen, 10 x 14 giL14a ea 26.76 0.0
Frame w/ 110 Screen, 12 x 16 giL16a ea 31.68 0.0
Frame w/ 110 Screen, 16 x 20 giL20a ea 36.59 0.0
Frame w/ Base Unit, 12xx Screen, 10 x 14 giL14b ea 43.59 0.0
Screen Print Fabric 110, for 11x14 frame giF11d 6 pcs 32.77 1.0
Fabric Squeegee, 6 in, 65 Duro giF065 ea 12.94 0.8
Fabric Squeegee, 8 in, 65 Duro giF085 ea 15.27 1.0
Fabric Squeegee, 10 in, 65 Duro giF105 ea 17.63 1.2
Fabric Squeegee, 12 in, 65 Duro giF125 ea 19.99 1.3
Fabric Squeegee, 14 in, 65 Duro giF145 ea 23.50 1.5
Fabric Print Ink Starter Set, 6 colors giSiNK ea 31.91 0.0
Super Val Fabric Screen Printing Kit giSVK1 ea 74.85 6.0
Fabric Screen Printing Tool Kit (no ink) giSTK1 ea 62.37 0.0
(Updated February 2020)

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