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DYES: Mordants for Natural Dyeing

Natural Dyestuffs, Mordants & Accessory Chemicals are packaged in rigid, resealable, non-reactive, plastic containers. We have basic instruction sheets for Mordanting, Dyeing with Natural Dyes, Dyeing with Indigo, Dyeing with Cochineal, Dyeing Basket Reed with Natural Dyes & Using Thio-Urea Dioxide to Strip Wool. Ask for a copy, free with order. On this website go to Instructions

BLUE VITRIOL is toxic in large enough doses—be extra careful. We're happy to furnish OSHA Material Safety Data Sheets with any of our manufactured dyes or chemicals (they're not available for natural dyestuffs). All good dye books, as well as our instruction sheets, have handling safety information. And see "Cautions", on this website (return to"Dyes: Introduction", chose "Cautions".)

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Item code put-up $
qty est ship wt ea
Alum (potassium aluminum sulfate) dcAL4a 4 oz 2.80 0.5
Alum (potassium aluminum sulfate) dcAL1p 1 lb 7.10 2.0
Alum (potassium aluminum sulfate) dcAL5p 5 lb 31.10 7.0
Alum (potassium aluminum sulfate) dcAL25 25 lb 115.00 29.0
Blue Vitriol (copper sulfate) dcBV4a 4 oz 3.70 0.5
Blue Vitriol (copper sulfate) dcBV1p 1 lb 10.00 2.0
Blue Vitriol (copper sulfate) dcBV5p 5 lb 38.20 6.0
Blue Vitriol (copper sulfate) dcBV25 25 lb 164.20 29.0
Copperas (ferrous sulfate) dcCP4a 4 oz 1.90 0.5
Copperas (ferrous sulfate) dcCP1p 1 lb 4.20 2.0
Copperas (ferrous sulfate) dcCP5p 5 lb 18.20 7.0
Copperas (ferrous sulfate) dcCP25 25 lb 57.50 29.0
Cream Of Tartar dcCT4a 4 oz 4.90 0.5
Cream Of Tartar dcCT1p 1 lb 13.30 2.0
Cream Of Tartar dcCT5p 5 lb 55.90 7.0
Tannic Acid dcTA1a 1 oz 5.20 0.3
Tannic Acid dcTA4a 4 oz 14.90 0.5
Tannic Acid dcTA1p 1 lb 50.00 2.0
Tannic Acid dcTA5p 5 lb 212.40 7.0
Thio-Urea Dioxide dcTU1a 1 oz 2.10 0.3
Thio-Urea Dioxide dcTU4a 4 oz 4.60 0.5
Thio-Urea Dioxide dcTU1p 1 lb 14.60 2.0
Thio-Urea Dioxide dcTU5p 5 lb 65.50 7.0
(Updated April 2017)

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