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CANDLEMAKING: Waxes & Additives

The basic material in wax candles. Mix with other waxes, such as beeswax. Add stearic acid to suit. Slabs weigh ten to eleven pounds each, five slabs per case.
Flash point: 315°F. Melting point: 145°F. Oil content: .5% . Cases are now back to five slabs.
MICROCRYSTALLINE WAX (also called Batik Wax)
A pliable synthetic wax, made for batik. Mix with paraffin (see "The Candlemakerís Companion", with the candle books) to make cut-and-curl and millefiori candles. Melts at 175°F, flash point is 500°F.
Golden-brown colored, sweet-smelling, softer than paraffin.
Roll these sheets around candle-wick to make an instant candle. 100% beeswax, in beeswax gold only (brood foundation). Sheets measure 8½ by 16¾ and have a hexagonal cell imprint. They can be cut to any size or shape. In candle or sheet form, they are sensitive to temperature extremes (too much heat will stick them together or even melt them, too much cold makes them very brittle).
To avoid prohibitive shipping costs, each shipment of wax sheets must include twelve or more. Box (12.5 LB) of medium brood foundation (natural beeswax sheets) contains about 90-98 sheets. Basic Instructions free with order ó ask.
Hardens wax, improves opacity and dye take-up. Use as little as 10% (of wax weight), as much as 40%. Essential for tapers.

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Item code put-up $
6+ asst, $
qty est ship wt ea
Paraffin Wax, per lb caPWXp lb 4.40 4.25 1.1
Paraffin Wax Slab caPWXs 10 lb 41.90 41.00 11.2
Paraffin Wax Case caPWXc 53 lb 205.00 200.90 55.0
Batik (Microcrystalline) Wax, per lb gaMWXp lb 6.00 5.85 1.1
Batik (Microcrystalline) Wax Slab, 10-11# gaMWXs 10 lb 58.50 56.75 11.2
Beeswax, Natural Yellow caBWXp lb 12.70 12.35 1.2
Beeswax Med Brood Foundation caWABF sheet 2.75 2.65 0.3
Beeswax Med Br Foundation, 12.5 lbs caWBFC case 198.00 17.5
Stearic Acid dcST1p 1 lb 6.80 2.0
Stearic Acid dcST4p 4 lb 19.20 6.0
Stearic Acid dcST16 16 lb 55.60 19.0
(Updated June 2015)

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