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Kits from Commonwealth Mfg.

In each kit you will receive a colorful face sheet, instructions, and all the material needed to make the basket. Estimated time to finish each basket varies between 2 and 3 hours.
To see a picture of a finished basket, and its very approximate dimensions, click on the code. Finished sizes will vary a good deal, according to the hand of the weaver.


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Item code $
qty est ship wt ea
Easy Casserole Basket Kit (makes 2), Dye baKBCA 17.20 0.9
Easy Bread Basket Kit (makes 2), Dye baKBBR 17.20 0.9
Easy Muffin Basket Kit (makes 2), Dye baKBMU 17.20 0.9
Easy Catch-All Basket Kit (makes 2), Dye baKBCB 17.20 0.9
Blue Ridge Egg Basket Kit baKBEG 13.00 0.7
Blue Ridge Harriet's Wine Basket Kit baKBHA 21.60 0.8
Blue Ridge Potato Basket Kit baKBPo 13.00 0.7
Blue Ridge Market Basket Kit baKBMA 16.75 0.7
Blue Ridge Shaker Cat Head Basket Kit baKBSH 16.50 0.7
Blue Ridge Melon Basket Kit baKBME 13.00 0.7
Blue Ridge Gran's Cotton Basket Kit baKBGR 14.30 0.9
(Updated March 2019)

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