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All shipping rates are considerably up as of January 2016. Priority Mail, which has been the cheapest, fastest and most reliable way to send many small orders just had a large increase. We will continue to search out the best and most economical way to ship, but it is always more expensive than it used to be.

Our prices do not include shipping charges. Wepay shipping on most back-orders, but specially ordered items are charged normal shipping even if they travel as back-orders. We have no "packing" or "handling" charges (except 50 on orders under $10), we just charge the actual cost of transport. Boxes that are heavier or travel farther or faster will cost more. Once we know your address, and what we're sending, and how we are sending it, we can give you a good estimate. If you need to know the cost exactly, we can let you know when your box is packed and weighed.

We most often ship by UPS Ground, or Priority Mail for smaller (lighter and less expensive orders). UPS Ground Service delivers in 1-8 days, depending on distance (contiguous 48 states). Expedited UPS shipping services (Next-Day, Second-Day or 3-Day-Select) are considerably more expensive, but faster. Priority Mail is quick, but harder to track, which is why we use it for smaller orders only.

International shipments always take longer, and always cost more. E-mail or write for a quote on shipping and delivery time options. Generally, the options are slow and not as expensive, or faster and expensive.

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