33 Haywood Street
Asheville  NC  28801

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For traditional & contemporary handcrafts

Serving the needs of the crafts community since 1970
open 10 AM to 6 PM Monday through Saturday (Eastern)
and 12 to 5 PM on Sunday

store front

Complete mail-order service. Fully stocked showroom.
Earth Guild provides the tools and materials for serious craft work,
and the information necessary to put those tools to work.

We respect all levels of craft experience.
Because the value of handcraft is in the journey
that everyone who makes things shares.

For beginners: we are ready to help anyone,
regardless of age or experience, to begin work in a new area.
For intermediate and advanced builders:
we will help to develop existing skills.

For professionals: we provide tools and supplies
in the quantities required, and at the pricing necessary,
for success in a competitive environment.

For coops and guilds: we help associations
to help their members with bulk purchase plans.

For schools: we provide teachers with tools and supplies,
and with our full technical and program support.

Since 1970, we have delivered what the handcraft community needs.
We're reliable, fast, and price-competitive.
We know what we sell and every order is guaranteed.
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We do not share information about our customers with anyone. We don't sell or loan or give away our data. Not names, not addresses, not phone numbers. Not for gain, not for fun, not to aid worthy causes. Information about specific purchases, or buying patterns, or forms of payment - none of this leaves our building. It's a primitive policy, we are sometimes told, but it's easy to remember, easy to maintain, and seems to us the right way to do things. 100% privacy, no exceptions.